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Hi I'm Loonz welcome to my Aftermath Page.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game. Your character is a survivor of the ruin of humanity. Surviving after the apocalypse. There are any number of scenario's for the collapse. The manuals discussed War, Ice age, Aliens, Time shifts and the like the system was tunable to your whims with mechanics for ruin scrounging, robots, disease and even the Planet of the Apes.

Like my other site I will eventually operate on two (2) URL's. freeservers.com and findhere.com so Im easy to find again.

Hopefully this page will evolve into a viable resource for other fans and will be tooled to resemble my other pages for my other favorite games. Anything you would like to see drop a note to me.

As I find or here of places to look for copies of the rules that are for sale I'll post them. I've had some good fortune rebuilding my library.

Use the Forum below to drop off any NPC, plot ideas or fiction or to discuss Aftermath in general. You can use the classifieds to post any requests for materials or players.

So have a look around and don't forget to sign the guest book and use the announcer to tell a friend about this site.

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This page is in no way intended to infringe on their Copyright. All articles are for non-profit, recreational use only, of Players and Gamemasters alike.


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