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Since most of my favorite games are of similar genre and have similar research requirements, I've decided to combine my sources pages.

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Saturday, July 29, 2000

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Source LINKS:

Weapons & Ammo:

Barrets Firearms: This is at the top of the list because of the the Real Video of an M82 gettin' emptied. Check it out.

M4 Carbine and accessories: In depth display of possible M4 equipment add-ons.

M4-96D: Details on the M4 suppressor.

U.S. Army Small Arms Info: Authoratative site on U.S. equipment only.

Encyplopedia Of Military Weapons: Only Us and CIS ,but its adequate for pic's and stats of weapons and vehicles.

RecGuns.com: Images and Info

Guns.ru: Info. and links to russian firearms.

H & K Products: An independent index of H&K products.

US Army rifles Link Page: Just that.

VALERY SHILIN GUNS CLUB: A russian gun club w/ info.

Cannon LTD: Manufacturers of vintage cannons.

All Purpose Ammo: Very different shotgun loads.

Marine Weapons: Images of Marine weapons.

The Armory

Unofficial Tommy Gun Page: A great site for the M1A1 Thompson

The Sights 1911 Page: Great page for the M1911A1 enthusiast.

Security Arms: Great Image Library.

Pm Weapons: Another good set of visual's on US weapns.

H & K Military and Law Enforcement Arms: H& K guns.

E-Pool Systems: P-90 persoanl defence weapon.

H&K UMP-45 "Real Steel": Excellent UMP-45 information page.

Mongo's Stoner & MG page: The very cool Stoner site with picks.

The High Standard M-10

WWII German Infantry weapons


MOWAG Piranha: Thier selection of light AFV's.

Cadillac Gage: Home of the V-100 and V-150.

Rhoades Car Showroom: A modern pedal car. With video.

Olive-Drab.com: Too much stuff to adequately list, surplus, miltaria, vehicle pics etc.

Rene's Hot Armor: Line drawings for some common T2K Vehicles.

tanks2u.com: Wanna buy a british tank?

Extreme Products Inc.: Wanna buy a russian tank?

Tankers.net: Images and links.

4X4 Endeavor: A less expensive Hummer clone.

Encore vehicles: Bringing back the M151 with style.

MVPA: Military Vehicle Preservation Association. Some great links.

Moller International: Makers of the sky car

Texron: The current owner of Cadillac Gage.

Tactical Truck.com: Multiple commercial refurb's.

Gevers Aircraft: Home of the triphibian.

American Aircraft of World War II

Aviation History.com: Awesome image library.

Solotrek : AN exoskelectal aircraft.

Army Tech.: An index of army contractors.

Armor Museum in Munster, Germany (in German)

Military vehicle broker

Coal and wood burning vehicles

Commercial Submarines: Luxery, tourist models.

Equipment and accessories:

FM 24-24: Signal equipment.

Powell Knife Pistol

TAPCO.com: Gun accesories, etc.

ELCAN: The ELCAN optical sight.

Warrens Radios: Shows some older tech, a battery assembly.

Equipped.com: Variety of survival equip.

Equip of the Former USSR: Reference for Russian and pact equip.

Karinya Survival Equip.: Survival equip.

Mike's Military Body Armor: Extensive list on the subject.

Spyzone.com: Body armor, and exotic equipment.

OLd Calculators: Old calculator Web Museum.

Aviation Enthusiast: Allot of aircraft Info.

Armorholdings: A body armor maufacturer.

Blackhawk Industries: Tactical clothing and portage gear.

Natick Canteen Stove: Hot drinks in the feild.

PM NBC Defense System: NBC equipment

Celestaire: Navigation equipment

Lan Optics International: Russian Optics.

Background and Practical Info:

Militaria, Intel and Warfare:

The S2 company: Tactical Intelligence resources.

The Infantrymans Homepage: For those of us who are'nt ground pounders this is a good read. Plus Slade is a regular at the WebRPG so you can give feed back.

MOUT Home page: Great site. Focusing on Urban Operations.

FM 100-63: Infantry based opposing force.

Navins Military Data Base: A variety of Military Info.

Militaria.com: Links to Military Info. and history sites..

Special Warfare Web Page: Information multiple aspects of Special Warfare.

SOFNET: Online forum for REAL World Soldiers.

Intel world: Links to the intel. community.

War Dogs: The use of military dogs.

Military Data Resource

US Naval Institute Military Database

Armed Forces.com

Niel's Military Information Page

Korean War: Korean War weapons and history.

U.S. Army Airborne Equipment Shop: Allot of stuff.

Army Transportation Association: Eye opener to the depth of the subject.

Spy Tech: Spy toys and private eye gizmo's.

Military Info. Publishing House

Military Field Manuals

STRATFOR: International news and analysis.

Background Info:

The Militia Watchdog: An indepth resource for the modern militia movements.

Index to Nuclear Power Plants: An extensive resource for nuclear power info.

Maps of European Countries: Large selection.

Post-Apocalyptic Media : Variety of topics.

The Southern Party: The political party for Dixie.

Wilson & Alroys Record Reviews: Excellent listing of music reviews by year.

Cross Mountain Hardened Communications Tower: Cool photos.

Missle silos: Maps and drawings.

Army Subsistance History.


Terraserver: Aerial photographs from alot of the industrialized world.

PCL map collection: Large selection.

Maps unlimited: Mail order maps.

TopoZone: Online topographical maps.


Blast Mapper: Area effects of various yield nukes.

The Survival Bibles: Variuos survival topics.

Rock and Mineral Uses

Hazard area maps: Potential earthquake maps, Tornados, fall out, etc. Allot of images, low bandwidth beware.

Nuclear Power Plants: Abundant source of data about nuclear power.

Federation of American Scientists: A wealth of info on multiple global and national concerns.

Popular Mechanics: Cool Military info. explains the OICW and some other stuff.

Nuke effects: Definitive explanation of effects caused by these weapons.

Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library

Defence Systems Daily

Alcohol Carburators FAQ: Some expert knowledge of alcohol fuel in short.

Supplemental fuels : Vegeatble and others.

The Sailing Index: Siling and Nautical information.

J track 2.5: Cool sattelite tracking.

Armys & Units:

ROSVOOROUZHENIE: Equipment of the Russian Army


Canadian Armed Forces

-Canadian Coast Guard: Central (Great Lakes) and Arctic Ocean Fleets.

German Miltary

-Bundeswehr WebRing

Danish Armed Forces

British Army

-UK Unit Organization 90's

Belgian Army

Spetsnaz Home page

Army National Guard: National Guard listing for all 50 states.

Virginia National Guard

The Soldiers Almanac: US Army

Armed Forces of the World

USAF Pararescue: 56th Pararescue Keflavik Iceland.

Pararescue: 305th Rescue Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

2-174 ADA: Avenger ADA unit.

To read some of the non-english sites I suggest Alta-Vista tools."Babel Fish"

Regional Information:

Cracow City: Have you been there?

Other Games Pages:

Aether Travelers Times: Space 1889 page, excellent.

Speedbump920's Dark Conspiracy page: Very good DC site.

Fist Full of Games: Minatures rules for modern combat among other things.

Other Sources:

1 Book Mark : My reference page of commonly used stuff, it has weather, climate, maps and other stuff that can help.

RPG Resources:

~Rpg Host

~Net RPG




~License tools


~The Five Gamers

~The Munchkin Page

Just Plain Cool:

~COMBAT! (60's TV)

~RAT Patrol (60's TV)

~Storn Cook (Artist)

~Brannon Boren (writer)

~Women in Gaming

~Military Sci-Fi Writing Tips

Any other sites you think might come in handy tell us in the post a link below or contact me directly. Ya never know what could come in handy, information or images.

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