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Friday, September 17, 1999
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Welcome to the Twilight 2000 / GDW RPG game web ring home page. As you can tell from moving around my site my primary interest is Twilight 2000 and since most of the later GDW Role Playing Game mechanics were similiar, combining a few of the sites should only benifit us all. So Dark Conspiracy and Traveler TNE sites are welcome. I'll work on getting a better banner for all the sites.

To be added to the que;

1) Click here for the form to fill out.

2) Right click the webring graphic and store it on the server in the directory that holds your page. Note: If you don't do this your graphic won't work, and I don't want you getting it from my server.

Cut and paste this code into your page;

<a href=";action=home"><img src="twiring.jpg" width=373 height=78 border=0></a>
<a href=";id=1;action=prev">Previous</a>
<a href=";id=1;action=next">Next</a>
<a href=";action=index">Index</a>
<a href=";action=rand">Random</a>

Note: Im not very HTML literate, if you need to ask me how to fix your code or modify it we're both in trouble.

3) You'll get an e:mail from ring surf with code. You'll have to edit the code to put in your ID number instead of the number 1 (which is mine). Don't install that code until you receive your confirmation from ring surf of your addition to the ring (because your ID won't work till I add you to the ring, and it would be rude to dead end one of your visitors with a broken link).

4) Wait for me to check your site. It MUST have some kind of content, which could be house rules, weapons, equipment, adventures, fiction anything. I dont see the point of sending someone to a page that just says "I played Twilight 2000" etc. Sorry. So put up some content a career path, art, anything. It'll be more funner anyways. :-)

5) You'll get an e:mail from ring surf when you've been added to the ring out of the que. Replace the code from above (the 1) with the code from the e:mail (your ID number). POOF! Your in.

6) If you ever need to update your site data you can use the login area below.

Up front I reserve the right to deny entry to any site and to at any time remove a site from the ring. Because I run a basicly PG-13 site I prefer not to link to some thing above an R. So if you put up something that I view as kind of out there, extreme or hard core, I'll let you know in advance (3 working days) that your being removed. If you think I did this without explanation then one of us is in error and notify me for clarification.

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