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Tuesday, November 02, 1999

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Morrow Project Sites:

The Supply Bunker: This is your site of choice. Everythings here, standard loads, vehicles and a collection of rules, write ups, observations and adventures.

MARS 1: Observations, very good Cadillac Gage vehicle data and pics.

The Morrow Project Journal: Some good MP related material.

Dave's Morrow Project Page: Excellent Nuc strike map, a selection of adventures, some magazine articles and more...

Joe Recon's Morrow Project Page: Mp organization and data. KFS data w/ Flag and some House rules.

The Morrow Project: Some house rules.

Morrow Project Links and Information: The Landmaster vehicle from "Damnation Alley" and his own concept vehicle the Taskmaster.

Morrow Project Resource Page: Didn't get your ID prior to cryo? Thier here.

Morrow Project ID cards: Full description of the MP ID.

The Prime Base Page: Posted a Morrow Project timeline.

The Morrow Project Bolt Hole: This was a pretty cool site. And it's gone. He took it down. Hope it returns soon.

Wes's Morrow Project Page: Interniew with K. Dockery and some PBEM stuff.

Morrow Project PBEM's:

The Morrow Project Real Time: Real time game hosted by the webmaster Thursdays. Wednsday is a game Hosted by a guest PD. I was playing the Wednesday game till recently. Check them out, good people there.

Tim Gilberts Morrow Projects Novel: RX-12 and CT-42 in Southern Indiana.

Bills Morrow project PBEM: CN-A1 and CN-A2 in the Connecticut adventure. Absolutely gorgeous site.

Grubermans Journal: Information site for RAT Team A2. Just started.

PBEM CT-17: A Michigan adventure.

Sol-3: MARS M-11S and K Teams K-97 and K-98.

Sol-3 Florida: CT-1 and CT-6 try to help a Science-1 in South Florida.

Sol-3 New York State: M-66C in the Lake Champlain Region.

Baldur666 PBEM: RC-061A in Wisconsin and F-17 in Florida.

DJ's Gaming Center: Plays MP using the CORE Fusion rules. .

Discussion and Mailing Lists:

Ricks Morrow Project Listserver: Support page for Ricks list.

Randy's Mail List: Type "subscribe" in body no subj. Problems contact Randy.

Prime Base Delphi Forum: A forum at Delphi, you can post pic's and such and the chat room rolls dice.

The Morrow Project: At Yahoo Clubs.

Mun's Morrow Project Playground: At Yahoo Clubs

Morrow at WebRPG: Slow but hopefully growing.

The Morrow Project at Access Denied: Players registered for Morrow Project.

Access Denied Links Search: Links registered at Access Denied.

My Access Denied Profile: Game I've played.

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