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Sunday, May 21, 2000

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IMPORTANT! is inop the last I checked they were linking to porn adds. I'll operate on one URL until they stop that.The site has been on for awhile. Looks like I found a home. If you followed a freeservers URL here your in good shape.

Hi I'm Loonz welcome to my Morrow Project Pages. I've rediscovered this game after many years. It's a gem worth polishing so one more web page can't hurt.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game. Your character is recruited into a project to rebuild the US and humanity after the inevitable nuclear exchange (or whatever disaster you choose really). The plan is to freeze sleep you and your team for 5-20 years and wake you up after in support of the project. Well, when you wake up it's 100+ years after whatever happened and the Project isn't there as you thought it would be.

Like my other site I operate on two (2) URL's. freeservers,com and but findhere is down while moving ISP's.

Hopefully this page will evolved into a viable resource for other fans, or at a minimum direct you to other pages of content. If your listed there, it's intended as a compliment. (I don't link everybody). Besides all you really need is Gary's URL, his is the hands down best for Morrow fans.

As I find or here of places to look for copies of the rules that are for sale I'll post them. I've had some good fortune rebuilding my library.

Also I've started my PBEM Page set in South Eastern VA, have a look and I'm open to ideas, suggestions and wisdom.

Use the Forum below to drop off any NPC, plot ideas or fiction. You can use the classifieds to post any requests for materials or players.

I've got a work in progress adapting FGU's Psi world to The Morrow Project. It's a great game on it's own, but if your Morrow Project likes a healthy sprinkle of PSI powers this is a superb system to utilize. It's one of the best FGU ever printed. I'm just using it for character generation and basic PSI mechanics. I'm keeping the 3rd edition rules as intact as I can.
Come on by from time to time and catch up on the action.

So have a look around and don't forget to sign the guest book and use the announcer to tell a friend about this site.

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