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Sunday, January 09, 2000

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Morrow Project Military Jargon and Slang

Since upto 50% of the team may be military and atleast that many instructors are military during the 1 year MP team training it may be that you pick up a bit of the slang.

Email slang:

IMC - In my campaign

IMO - In my opinion

IMHO - In my humble/honest opinion

OIC - Oh I see

OMG - Oh my goodness!

TEOTWAWKI - The end of the world as we know it

Morrow slang:

BEM - Bruce E Morrow

MI - Morrow Industries

PIC - (person in charge)

SIC - (second in charge)

PCM - (primary contact member)

PSM - (primary security member)

PMM - (primary medical member)

PTM - (primary technicle member)

BOK - Bug out kit

TCK - Team Contact Kit

PCK - Personal contact Kit

PMK - Personal Med Kit

LMK - Large Med Kit

MPSI - Morrow Project Standar Issue

MARS - Mobile Assault Rescue and Strike

Ranger - Cadillac Gage armored car, antique found in older teams

311 - XR311 antique MP vehicle found in older teams

Military slang:

AA - Anti aircraft

AAA - Anti aircraft artillery

AAMG - Any topmounted MG that can be used for Anti aircraft

AAR - After action report

AGL - Automatic grenade launcher, MK19 or M174

AIK - Assistance in kind "money"

ALICE - All purpose light wieght individual carrying equipment

AO - Area of operation

APC - Armored personel carrier

Ap - Vietnamese word for small village

AP - Anti personel or Armor piercing both entirely different

Arc Light - B52 bomber

Arty or Artie - Artillery

ASAP - As soon as possible

ATGM - Anti tank guided missle

AWACS - Airborne warning and control system

AWOL - Absent without leave

Base ball - Frag grenade

Base camp - Fortified camp for a RECON unit

Believer - Dead soldier

Blooper - 40mm grenade launcher, M79, HK69, HK79, M203

Boonies - "the boon docks" in the middle of no where

Bouncing Betty - A land mine that shoots up 3-5 feet before detonating

BS - Border surveillance

CC or C&C - Command and control

C and S - Cordon and search, procedure of cutting of exits prior to an extensive search

Cache - A hidden store of needed supplys

C Rats - C Rations, long life Army food

Cherry - New guy

Chinook - C-47 twin rotor cargo helicopter

Chogie - Move out quickly

CIB - Combat infantrymans badge

CIDG (sid-gee) - Civilian irregular dfence group

Claymore - A directional mine that can be tripped like a mine or by a hidden observer

CMH - Congressional medal of honor

CO - Commanding officer

Coaxial - A secondary weapon setup to fire parralel with the main armament

Commo - Communications officer

Company - A combat unit of roughly 150 men

Crispie critter - Killed by burning or napalm

Crunchies - Infantry

CS gas - Tear gas

Dai-uy (die-wee) - Vietnamese for chief or head honch

Dead space - Area not covered by fire

Deep Serious - The worst possible situation, usually implied an over run was imminent

Defcon - defensive arty put close on friendly position

Delta Tango (DT) - Radio jargon for defensive targets

DEROS - Date of expected return from overseas

Det-cord - detonation cord

Didi - Vietnamese meaning "to go"

Didi Mow - "go quickly"

DMZ - No mans land, demiitarized zone

Dong - Vietnames money

Doughnut Dollies - Red cross women

Dud - failure to ignite or detonate

Dust-off - momentry touch down by HELO for egrees or embarkation

ECM - Electronic countermeasures "jamming"

Eleven Bush - Infantryman (11B)

EOD - Explosive ordinance disposal, bomb squad

EPW - Enemy prisoner of war

Evac'd - Evacuated

Extraction - RECON being removed from thier mission area

"50-cal" - .50 caliber machine gun

FA - Field artillery

Fire base - remote artillery base

Firefight - A shooting engagement with the enemy

Flechette - Small dart like projectile, sometimes called "beehives" because of the sound the make near the target

Concertina wire - Coiled barbed wire

CONUS - Continental US

F.N.G. - new guy, F***ing new guy

FO - Forward observer

FOB - Forward operating base

Freak or Freq - Radio jargon for frequency

Free fire zone - An area which all targets are assumed hostile

Ghost - Slacker, shirks duty

GL - Grenade launcher

Glacis - Forward sloping armor of a vehicles hull

Goonie bird - C-47 cargo plane or any large cargo plane

Green - Safe or clear, sometimes mean inexperienced

Ground pounder - Infantry

GZ - Ground zero, impact point of artillery

HI or H&I - Harrasment and interdiction, fire meant to disrupt enemy activity or movement

HE - High Explosive

HEAT - High explosive anti-tank

Hooch - Vietnamese huts

Horse pills - Malaria pills,

Hot - Active combat situation

Hummer - HMMWV High Mobility Multi purpose Wheeled Vehicle, modern US jeep

Humvee - same as above

Immersion foot - foot rot from jungle wading

Incoming - Yelled to indicate approaching enemy fire

Jump CP - Temporay command post

Jungle busting - Using tanks or large vehicles to bust trails in the jungle

K-Pot - Kevlar Helmet

Kelo - Kilogram 2.2lb

KHA - Killed in hostile action, used to define death in other than a war

KIA - Killed in action, killed in a war

Killer team - Ambush team

Klick - Kilometer

LAW - Light anti-tank weapon, LAWS rocket M72

Lifer - Career military

Lighting bug - vehicle equipped with search lights

LP - Listening post

Lurp's or LRRP - Long range recon patrol

LZ - Landing zone

Ma duece - M2HB .50 cal MG

Mad minute - concentrated fire of all weapons

MEDCAP - Medical civil action program, medical personel with armed escort to render aide to villages

Medevac - Medical evacuation, usually by helo

MG - Machine gun

MGF - Mobile guerilla force, (green berets)

MI - Military intelligence

MIA - Missing in action

Midnight requisition - stealing supplies

Million dollar wound - Wound serious enough to be sent home

Mission ready - making equipment ready for use

MOPP suit - Mission operative protective posture, an NBC protection suit

MOS - military job assignment code

MP - Military police

MRE - Meal ready to eat

MUST - Mobile unit, self contained, inflatable mobile medical ward

Napalm - Jellied gasoline, used for anti personel strikes

Native sport - Hunting the enemy

NBC - Nuclear, biologic and chemical

NCO - Non commision officer, enlisted corporal and above.

Neutralize - Wipe out

Number 1 - The best

Number 10 - The worst

Number 10 thou - VERY bad

N Sixty - M60 GPMG

OJT - On the job training

Piaster - money

Patrol - A half dozen men and an NCO

PBR - Patrol boat, river

PFC - Private first class

Phougas - Drums of fuel placed around camp, to be detonted when attacked

Pee Tube - Morter

Pig Gunner - The M60 MG gunner. Derived from the Militry acronym of GPMG for the M60, this turned into "Pigman"

Platoon - about 25 men

Point or Pointman - Lead man in a patrol

Pony soldiers - Cavalry soldiers

POW - Prisoner of war

Prick - Slang for radio prefix PRC-77 or 68

P-38 - Standard Army can opener

Puff Puff the magic dragon - C47 Gunship.

Punji stake - Bamboo stake used in traps

Purple Heart - Medal awarded for being wounded, or someone who has been wounded

PX - Store found on bases

PZ - Pick up zone

R & R - Rest and relaxation

RECON - (come on) :-)

RIF - Recon in force, Large sweep, rarly recon

Retrograde - Reusable or discardable portion of a used item, LAWS tubes and ammo boxes

RL - Rocket launcher

Rock n' Roll - fire weapons on full automatic

ROTC - Reserve officer training program

RPV - Remotely piloted vehicle

RTO - Radio telephone operator

Ruck or ruck sack - Backpack

SAM - Surface to air missle

"same same" - as before or likewise

Satchel charge - 15 pounds or more of explosive in an easy to carry pouch, with fuse

SAW Gunner - The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon "SAW" Gunner.

Search and destroy - Find enemy and eliminate them

Short timer or short - Somone nearing the end of thier term of service

Shotgun, shotgunner or riding shot gun - Door gunner on helo or topside gunner on vehicle

Shrapnel - Metal fragments shot out from metal explosive devices

Six - Jargon for leader or commander.

Sky pilot - chaplain

Slick - troop carrying helo

Smokey - Smoke generating device

SOP - Standard operating procedures

Spider hole - Small covered, concealed foxhole

Squad - About 10 men

Stand down - Rest, quit it, or back off

Starlight scope - Light amplifier, most commonly non magnafying, newer models however do magnify

Sump - The hole in the bottom of a foxhole for the water to drain into

Sugar report - Letters from intimate others

Tail end Charlie - Last person in column or formation

Titi - Vietnamese for small

Thumper - M79 or any grenade launcher

TNT - Dynamite

Tracer - Icendiary round to aid sighting by shining a path down the bullets trajectory

Tracks - A tank sometimes a trail

UGS - Unattended ground sensor, siesmic device to detect troop movement

Ville - Village or town

Waste - Kill

WIA - wounded in action

Willy Peter - White phosforus

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Phonetic pronounciation of WTF meaning "What the F#@*"

XO - Executive officer

Zap - Getting hit or killed

Zippo raid - Completely destroying the target


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